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Are Glass Blocks Fire Rated?

Glass blocks have been a popular choice for builders and homeowners for years. They can be used in a variety of ways such as on walls, floors, and ceilings. Glass blocks allow light to penetrate into a room to create an upscale and airy ambiance in any building or bricks | fire rated glass block

The question that many people have when looking into a glass block design for their home is, “should I choose fire rated glass block?” There are many factors to consider when choosing your glass block, including size, style, color, and even fire rating. Here is everything you need to know about choosing fire rated glass block.

Why Use Fire Rated Glass Block Windows?

Fire rated glass blocks are a great way to add extra safety to your home. This is an excellent preventive measure that can save you from turmoil in the future.
Whether you are a homeowner or a corporate building designer, using fire glass blocks should be something to consider in your design process.

What Are the Benefits of Fire Rated Glass Blocks?

Fire rated glass blocks come in different thicknesses and sizes to withstand high temperatures for a variety of times. Most people opt for a 90-minute fire rated glass block or a 120-minute fire rated glass block. This ensures that upon the unfortunate event of a fire, the glass block could offer a barrier for that amount of time to prevent further fire spread and damage.

This upgraded option of glass block is a way to safeguard lives and protect assets. It is vital to make sure that the glass block that you choose has been certified and tested to ensure the overall integrity of the block.

Building With Fire Rated Glass Block | Fire Resistant Glass BlocksHow To Find the Best Fire Rated Glass Block Windows | #1 Building Design Fire Rated glass block

Building with fire rated glass blocks comes with safety perks, however, it also offers beautiful design options for your space. Glass blocks come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to elevate your home/business while also keeping people and property safe.

How Much Does Fire Rated Glass Block Cost?

Each fire rated glass block supplier will have different rates for the block as well as installation fees. Most fire rated blocks will be priced slightly higher than the typical glass block due to the testing and creation to be fireproof.

Call a local glass block supplier and installer today to inquire more about fire rated glass block pricing.

Glass Block VS. Fire Rated Glass Block

Regular glass block has natural fireproof aspects, however, offers no guarantees. Glass blocks on their own can have properties to help withstand heat, but often crack and break under extreme circumstances. Fire rated glass block offers guaranteed protection against fires up to a certain amount of time and has gone through extensive testing.How To Find the Best Fire Rated Glass Block Windows | #1 Building Design Fire Rated glass block

Find A Fire Rated Glass Block Supplier Today

Are you ready to start your next glass block project? Consider fire rated glass block for not only a beautiful, timeless design but also to protect yourself and your assets. Call a glass block supplier and installer today to learn more about what will work best for you.