Top 10 Reasons to Consider LASIK Surgery Near Me

Top 10 Reasons to Get LASIK Surgery Near Me

Think of the sights that make you smile. Whether your child’s happy face, the changing of leaves in the Fall or a star-covered sky come to your mind. Your eyes allow you to experience and enjoy it all. However, when you struggle with poor vision, you can miss out on these and other parts of life. You don’t have to let vision problems take over your life and keep you from enjoying the world around you. When you choose LASIK surgery, you choose to transform your perspective.

What is LASIK surgery? Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis or LASIK can often provide a safe and convenient alternative to conventional eyeglasses or contact lenses. The procedure involves the surgical reshaping of a patient’s cornea to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. People choose to receive LASIK surgery for a wide variety of reasons. See below to learn about just some of the reasons LASIK surgery may be the right option for you.

1. The Procedure Could Help You Gain a New Sense of Confidence

While some may like the way they look in glasses, it can be easy to feel insecure if you just don’t feel comfortable with the appearance of frames on your face. However, when you opt for LASIK surgery, you can present yourself to the world in the way you choose. Along with providing the corrective effects of traditional glasses, LASIK surgery eliminates the need to alter your appearance to see clearly. For many patients, LASIK surgery can be especially empowering.

2. LASIK Can Help You Keep Up With Your Active Lifestyle

Whether you love getting a good workout in at your favorite gym, dedicate yourself to your role on a sports team or are just on your feet all day at work, LASIK surgery can help you avoid having to pick up your glasses at every turn, losing and replacing pairs constantly and the frustration of breaking them.

Top 10 Reasons to Consider LASIK Surgery Near Me

3. It Makes Travel Easier

Whether your job requires an on-the-go-schedule or you are just passionate about exploring the world, it can be a pain to keep track of travel cases, bottles of contact lens solution and pairs of glasses. If you’re tired of calling hotels to track down left-behind glasses, then LASIK surgery could help you focus on enjoying the newest destination instead.

4. LASIK Can Help You Sleep More Easily and Safely

It isn’t always easy to remember to take your contact lenses out or your glasses off before going to sleep. Sleeping in contact lenses can leave you vulnerable to serious eye infections. While you may have only dealt with some dryness of the eyes when you dozed off while wearing your lenses every once in a while in the past, every time you fall asleep while wearing your contact lenses, you run the risk of developing an infection that could lead to severe damage to your corneas or the complete loss of your vision. The cornea needs oxygen to prevent infection, and contact lenses reduce the amount of oxygen that reaches a patient’s eyes, especially if a patient wears them during sleep.

When you fall asleep wearing glasses, you run the risk of them falling off your face during the night for you to break them by rolling over on them during sleep or stepping on them upon waking. Once you break a pair of glasses, it can be challenging to scramble around for spares or go without for a few days or weeks while waiting for replacements. LASIK surgery eliminates these risks while improving patients’ vision.

5. Clearer Vision Could Help You Reach Your Career Goals

Whether you want to drive a truck, fly a plane or enforce the law, you may run into certain vision requirements in the pursuit of your professional aspirations. In fact, many companies and agencies require that employees do not wear eyeglasses or contact lenses or that they demonstrate a certain status of vision. Vision problems may have brought you to give up on certain goals in the past, but with LASIK surgery, there is no need to put your aspirations aside. When poor vision causes roadblocks as you go after your career goals, it may be time to consider LASIK surgery.

6. Wearing Glasses or Contact Lenses Can Be Uncomfortable or Even Painful, But LASIK Can Solve the Problem

Top 10 Reasons to Consider LASIK Surgery Near Me

If you struggle with headaches from wearing your glasses or eye infections from using your contact lenses, you may begin to wonder whether or not the improved vision from either is worth the pain and discomfort. However, LASIK surgery can subtract these and other frustrations from your life so you can redirect your focus.

7. Where the Costs of Glasses or Contacts Add Up, LASIK Can Help You Save

Changing eyeglass prescriptions, replacing and repairing broken glasses and buying new contact lenses and solution can become expensive quickly. You can save money in the long run when you make the investment in LASIK surgery. It is also important to keep in mind many insurance plans can either cover the majority of the cost of LASIK or the full cost of the procedure.

8. You Can Stop Struggling With Everyday Tasks and Other Inconveniences

Have you found yourself having to ask someone to read expiration dates on food packaging or captions on social media for you? Do you often fumble around for your glasses or contact lenses in the dark? Think of how much time you waste each day trying to get past these frustrations. LASIK surgery can eliminate these and other inconveniences from your day.

Top 10 Reasons to Consider LASIK Surgery Near Me

9. Patients Notice Results Quickly

While complete recovery from LASIK surgery can take a few months, patients will often notice significantly improved vision within 24 hours of a LASIK procedure. LASIK surgery makes an ideal option for patients needing to improve their vision while maintaining their busy schedules. However, it is important to remember that every patient is different and every recovery timeline is different, as a result.

10. The Procedure Offers an Easy and Comfortable Option for Vision Restoration

Even the word “surgery” is enough to make some people shy away from seeking LASIK treatment. However, many patients are surprised to find out that the procedure only takes about ten minutes from start to finish and that the process is relatively painless. While the exact sequence may vary by patient, the typical steps of a LASIK procedure include the application of numbing drops, the formation of a corneal flap, the reshaping of the cornea and the replacement of a corneal flap. During this process, you should only feel slight pressure. Following LASIK surgery, however, it is common for patients to experience minor burning of the eyes or eye irritation.


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Over the course of Dr. Davis’s career, he has performed more than 45,000 LASIK procedures and more than 33,000 cataract surgeries. When you want to get the most out of your vision restoration and need care of the highest quality, you need an experienced surgeon and eye care team. Davis Eye Center is the right choice.

Why should you choose Davis Eye Center for LASIK surgery? Along with compassionate treatment, patients trust Davis Eye Center for premier LASIK care because the facility houses the most current in surgical technology. Namely, the team from Davis Eye Center implements the exclusive CONTOURA Vision laser. The Davis Eye Center care team uses this laser to pinpoint up to 22,000 distinct points of elevation on a patient’s eye to produce a customized mapping. With this innovation, more than 90% of LASIK treatment patients report achieving 20/20 vision or better.


The exclusive WaveLight Refractive Suite allows the physicians from Davis Eye Center to used customized patterns of laser movements to produce a topographic map of a patient’s eye. This technology facilitates fast and precise laser positioning and can create a corneal flap in about six seconds while providing physicians access to patients’ records in real-time during a LASIK procedure.

To find out more about surgery options and how the team from Davis Eye Center could help you achieve clearer vision, just visit today. Connect with the dedicated eye care team from Davis Eye Center today to take the next steps.