Natural Stone Flooring vs. Epoxy Flooring for Your Garage

Natural Stone Flooring vs. Epoxy Flooring for Your Garage

Have you been planning a major renovation for your garage, particularly the floor?  Whether you dedicate yourself to auto restoration, gardening, or even hosting friends and family for outdoor gatherings, you want your garage floor to both look nice and stand up to the elements.  In fact, you may have seen advertisements across several platforms for natural stone flooring. Some companies claim this option allows for a striking aesthetic while preventing dangerous slips and falls.  

The cost of such garage flooring, however, can be high.  For example, opting for natural stone flooring can require expensive leveling and other preparation.  In addition, this type of flooring can allow for mold and mildew growth in the porous surface. As a result, natural stone flooring can be notably difficult to clean.  

Ohio Garage Interiors offers premier alternatives to natural stone flooring in the company’s exclusive epoxy flooring solutions.  In all, when you choose epoxy flooring from Ohio Garage Interiors, you benefit from the ease of cleaning, resistance to Ohio’s unpredictable weather, both local ownership and operation, and honest pricing.  

About Natural Stone Flooring 

Natural stone epoxy flooring provides are luxurious, elegant and being used in more garages than ever before. If you’re interested in natural stone flooring for your home or business, there’s a lot to learn about the different types of stones available so that you know what type is best suited for each area. The first thing to do when shopping around on this product category is get an idea of which colors will work well with your design scheme because they can have dramatic effects on how something looks depending on if it has dark tones or lighter ones. For example some people feel like travertine tile floors blend better into kitchens while others find them too cold looking where as marble would be good if placed near living room furniture pieces and other light-colored decor elements but when it comes to garages, nothing beats epoxy flooring.

Maintenance is the Difference Between Epoxy Stone versus Polyaspartic Epoxy Floors

Because natural stone epoxy flooring is porous it requires additional care compared to smooth, sealed polyaspartic epoxy flooring.   Cleaning of polyaspartic flooring as simple as hosing down and it also doesn’t experience issues with delamination, peeling, cracks and tears experienced in natural stone floors.

How To Clean Your Nature Stone Floor, Steam Is Recommended

Nature stone is a natural stone epoxy product that should be treated with care. It can also make your home more attractive, adding an element of elegance and sophistication while still retaining the warmth you are looking for in flooring. If you want it to last as long as possible then there’s some things that need doing on a regular basis like cleaning up spills quickly before they have time to stain or scratch the surface; vacuuming regularly (use soft brushes); using mats at entrances where dirt will get tracked onto surfaces so floors stay clean longer than just by mopping them.

Indoor Nature Stone Floor Maintenance

NATURE STONE Brand Flooring can be cleaned with a vacuum, or using one of our specially-formulated cleaning products. And yes – both vacuums and steam cleaners work on NATURE STONE.

A steam vacuum sounds like a pretty cool machine, but don’t be fooled. It’s not just for cleaning up messes and spills – it can also take on your everyday routine as well. All you need to do is use the hose attachment (or brush) with water or one of our specially formulated products that was designed specifically for heavy duty surface preparation.
And yes, both vacuums are effective in removing dirt from all areas of your epoxy flooring because they have different attachments which allow them to work best depending on what type of floor covering you’re working with at any given time.

Garage And Outdoor Areas Naturestone Floor Maintenance & Upkeep

Garage and outdoor areas can be cleaned using a specialized cleaning product to protect the finish on your epoxy stone floor.

Will I Need To Repair My Nature Stone Floor?

Maybe, but it’s easy to repair. Stone colors are kept in stock and can be purchased online here. If you live near one of our showrooms, pick up a repair kit which includes color-matched stones to match the floor being repaired, an epoxy mixture as well as easy-to-follow instructions.  NATURE STONE also offer a professional repair service.

Should I Apply A Protective Top Coat To A Nature Stone Floor?

To retain and/or restore the original beauty and shine to your nature stone flooring, a specially formulated, patent-pending protective top coat may need to be applied periodically. All required materials and labor needed for this process are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Outdoor installations must allow 1 year of time before NatureStone can provide any more services in relation with their warranty timeframe.

How to care for epoxy flooring, a maintenance guide for epoxy floors, caring for the epoxy floor.

Epoxy floors are tough, resilient and very durable. This type of floor coating is used in many applications including garage floors, sunroom floors and high traffic hallways or warehouses where large machinery may be operating on a regular basis. Epoxies can withstand heavy objects moving around with ease without losing their luster over time as long as you just follow some ground rules for maintaining it.

Keep the surfaces dirt and grit free

Caring for your epoxy floor is crucial. The best practices are to keep the surfaces dirt and grit free, especially if you plan on moving machinery or vehicles across it regularly. Never allow sand or dirt to embed in an epoxy finish because even though they’re tough, there will be damage that can’t always be fixed with a fresh coat of sealant.

Avoid cleaning products

Though soap-based cleaners are great for other household chores, avoid using them on epoxy floors. The alkaline of the cleaner will leave a haze that builds up over time and may even cause damaging rust stains to form deep in your flooring’s pores. Avoid these problems by simply using just water or any gentle cleaning stuff like soft soap if you need some extra scrubbing power when handling tough spills.

When something has been spilt on the floor, you may only need to clean a small area such as with vacuum and mop. If it is water based liquid then for best results use your shop vac which will suck up any dirt or grime that could have mixed in during cleaning process. Epoxy floors are highly resistant to liquids so they should be able avoid spills easily but if there was an accident then this information would come handy.

Tips for cleaning your epoxy floor

Some people find it difficult to clean their epoxy garage flooring because the water just seems to sit on top of the surface. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you make your floors shine again in no time! First off, sweep and vacuum carefully so all dirt is removed from sight before beginning mopping with hot or warm water mixed together with 2-3 ounces of clear ammonia per gallon. Don’t be afraid if this mixture leaves an unpleasant smell as those odors should dissipate within minutes after applying them onto your flooring texture’s surfaces.

Some stains are best removed with a kitchen scrubbing sponge or soft deck brush and warm water. Steel wool, comet, and citrus-based cleaners should be avoided to avoid damaging the epoxy catalyst on your concrete surface.

To clean spills from automobiles, oil, car chemicals and other chemicals, is pretty easy.  Wipe up antifreeze, oil and other hazardous liquids with shop towels or a paper towel to dispose of properly. The important thing about car spills is not allowing them too sit on the floor for long periods of time since even engine oil has potential hazards that could be harmful to an epoxy surface if left alone without being remedied immediately. Cleaning paint off your floors as soon as possible will help preserve their protective qualities after contact in high volume concentrations because it contains potentially volatile toxins which can cause damage over prolonged exposure times

Epoxy floor coatings are a great choice in industrial or residential applications, and they require very little maintenance. The superior epoxy floor coating products allow for easy care while maintaining their luster years after installation. If you’re looking to learn more about how to maintain your floors with minimal hassle, contact us!

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The final touch – replace that rusty garage drain cover in the center of your beautiful, new epoxy floor drain .

Where can I find a drain grate plate cover that fits my garage drain?

Believe it or not, epoxy flooring installers are way easier to find than a Garage Drain Cover that will actually fit your garage drain.

If you purchase a Garage Drain Plate online, at Lowes, or Home Depot, it won’t fit.  The only place to find a true fit Drain Grate is online at  You wouldn’t think that finding floor drain covers would be that hard to find, but they are.  Did you know that there are many sizes of drain covers to choose from? This is great for finding the right size, but can be hard when it’s not available in your city. General purpose cast iron strainers and heavy duty strainer grates can all be replaced with the floor drain covers from

Find what your looking for on Drain The garage floor drain covers are organized mainly by size, but if you want to browse all that we offer within a range of sizes please use the sub-category breakdown to the left. We recommend measuring twice and ordering once. If in between two sizes always go with smaller choice (up 1/4″). The lip at top is often able off grabbing edge strainer slightly too big; or small enough when larger opening was desired. If not found here try searching web under “Drain Cover“.

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