Where To Find Pallet Boards For Sale? | What You Should Know

What Are Pallet Boards?

We have all seen the wood transport structure that supports high quantities of goods or heavy equipment and can be lifted with a forklift or other industrial loading equipment. Pallet boards for sale differ from skids in that pallets have both a top and bottom deck, which is made from stringers that connect dock boards, and a skid has just the top deck. The other difference between pallets and skids are the purposes for them: skids are usually for storage of heavy objects and pallets are primarily used for transporting. The boards used for pallets are called pallet boards and sometimes referred to as deck boards, as well.

Some factors that go into manufacturing pallet boards include: the species, heat treatment, and the dimensions. Different species of trees carry various properties in the wood. The heat treatment of the wood is used to eliminate any parasites that could damage the wood. To find out the treatment a pallet underwent, you can see the treatment code on the pallet.

Key Aspects About Pallet Boards

Pallet boards are incredibly useful, but you need to find the right type. Here are some answers to common pallet board questions to guide your search:

What Are Pallets Made From?

Pallets are made with industrial grade wood. The species in which pallet boards can be made from is pretty much any species of tree, although the most common species are Southern Yellow Pine and a few other types of hardwood.

How Strong Are Pallet Boards?

Pallet boards can hold high quantities of products, even into the thousands of pounds. Part of the strength in pallets is that the pallet boards are usually held together by spiral nails. Consistent use of the same pallet can diminish its strength and it can eventually break, which is why some pallet companies replace damaged segments of pallets. With high quality pre-cut pallet stock, you’ll get the sturdiest pallets possible.

What About the Price?

The cost of lumber is high right now because of demand, combined with COVID-19 temporarily shutting down lumber mills. In normal times, the availability of lumber and the little manpower that it takes to make pallet boards keeps prices low. Even with the unusually high price, using pallets to transport objects will save you money compared to moving objects in smaller quantities or individually.

How Safe Are They?

Pallets are so commonplace because of their low cost, combined with their efficiency. In terms of safety, you’ll need to be cautious if you reuse pallet boards.

The treatment codes mentioned before are important in regard to safety. Check for the IPPC stamp, as that will be an indicator that it is safe. Check for any spills on the pallet or any unnatural colors on them, as that indicates the possibility of exposure to additional chemicals. Any pallets that have made contact with other chemicals than the ones used to protect it should not be reused.

Pallet Company

A good pallet manufacturer can provide flexibility by cutting pallet stock at the size that best suits your needs. The right pallet company is able to fulfill both large and small volume orders. Since it is their specialty, you should be able to get the exact amount of pallets needed for the task at hand. Now you have the information you need to get your pallet order ready.pallet company working